Who can I contact on info or issues in the neighborhood?

Kirk Grosch
Carolina Association Management (CAM)
4957 Albemarle Road
Charlotte, NC 28205
Phone:  704-531-6822
Fax:  704-531-7180
Email: kirk@cam-hoa.com

When are trash/recycling days?

Normal pick-up days – Tuesdays
Observed Holidays:  Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  During holiday weeks, most collections will operate on a one-day delay.

2019 Recycling Calendar – Every other week along with trash – Green Weeks

Trash/Recycle bins should be put out each Monday night after 5:00PM and removed from the street by each Wednesday morning.  Bins must be unseen from the street during remaining part of the week.

My mailbox needs to be replaced. Can I install anything I choose?

All mail boxes must conform to the standards set for the neighborhood and your mailbox must match the previous style that came with your home. Some homes in Providence Commons were built by Squires (metal mailboxes) and some by MI (wooden mailboxes).

If your mailbox is metal, the Vendor is:

Carolina Mailboxes
3428 Vane Ct, Ste C
Charlotte, NC 28206
Email cmb@carolinamailboxes.com 

Order here. The style is “Piedmont”. You can pick up or have it installed (extra fee).

If you mailbox is wood, please contact our management representative (kirk@camhoa.com) for current information.

Can I get a copy of the Covenants and By-Laws?

Download here:
Providence Commons Covenants and Restrictions
Providence Commons By-laws

What kind of home changes are required to submit an Architectural Form?

Typically, any changes to the exterior of your home – painting, roof replacement, garage door replacement, shutters, fences, landscaping walls, deck/patios, etc).  Even if replaced with same color/item, a form needs to be submitted.  If you have any doubt, please contact kirk@camhoa.com before work begins.
Architectural Request Form
Instructions on Submitting

Who can I contact to fix a streetlight on my street?

Duke Energy maintains our street lights to help promote safety and security. Please contact them if an outdoor light or streetlight is out or not working properly.

Provide the street address here and identify the light or call 800.769.3766.

Are there other ways to keep in touch with neighborhood happenings?

Please sign up for a general Nextdoor login and then request an invitation to join the private group – “Providence Commons”.  Under “Groups”, click “View”, request to join.

This is a great way to keep up with our and nearby neighborhoods.