Attention Providence Commons Homeowners:

In recent years, many communities have experienced issues with homes within their developments being used for short term rentals such as AirBnB and VRBO. Providence Commons is no exception. As discussed at our annual meeting in March, these types of rentals are now significantly affecting the quality of life of numerous homeowners. We feel that this issue, if not corrected, will only get worse, if not addressed.

For those who attended the Annual Meeting, you will recall that in order to mitigate the short-term lease issue, the Board shared proposed verbiage and took suggestions for an amendment to be added to the HOA’s covenants. The language has been revised and reviewed, and the final below amendment is now proposed:

Section 14.   Leases.  Each Lot is restricted to residential use by its Owner(s), their immediate family, guest, invitees and lessees. No Lot shall be leased for transient or hotel purposes, and the minimum initial term of any lease or license to use or occupy a Lot shall not be less than twelve (12) months. The maximum duration of any lease or license by a Lot Owner to a particular tenant shall be thirty-six (36) months.

The Homeowner’s Association requests your approval of this amendment by signing the document you have been mailed (the PDF to download and sign is below). Please note: All registered owners of each home are required to sign this amendment ie both spouses, a parent and child if both appear on the deed. 

If you are in agreement to this change, and your name appears on the deed, you must sign to show your approval.

At this time, if you approve of the amendment, the only action required is for all homeowners to sign the paperwork attached and return by August 13, 2019. However, if you have any questions or would like to sign the documentation in person, we will host an informational meeting on August 14, 2019 at Bishops Ridge common space. As we shared during our annual meeting, in order for this to pass, we must have 3/4’s of our neighborhood approve of this amendment. Please do not disregard the importance of your vote.

If you have more immediate concerns or to ensure we have your email address, please contact

If approving, please print, sign and email the voting document to Kirk Grosch .

Documents, Procedures and People

The Providence Commons Homeowners Association (PCHOA) is administered by the seven-member Board of Directors who get elected by the homeowners at the Annual Meeting. Members serve three-year terms on a staggered basis so that all members are not up for election at the same time.  They meet 8-10 times a year with an annual meeting for all neighbors in March.

PCHOA Board of Directors – Your Neighbors on the Board

Barry Broxterman, President
Robert Rogers, Vice President
Brian Lacher, Secretary
Kevin Cromie, Treasurer
At-Large:  Cindy Satter, Dan Gilbert, Tyler Larmee

The rules for the Board, the PCHOA and the neighborhood are in the following documents:

Bylaws (PDF)
Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (PDF)

If you have questions for our Board of Directors, please email